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OnRamp is the customer onboarding platform for SaaS companies

Keep customers invested in their own success with a clear, motivating implementation journey that knocks out milestones fast.

Keep customers excited about what’s coming next

Create a simple, personalized experience that guides them to complete their tasks so they can start falling in love with your software – and your team – even faster.

Quickly see what’s getting done (and what’s not)

Sleep better at night knowing everything is on track with a transparent platform that puts an end to surprise delays and missed deadlines.

Free your team to be experts – not eternal emailers

Automate the stuff that doesn’t need a personal touch so your team can be hands-on where it counts – and listen for opportunities to upsell.

Put your team’s wins in the spotlight

Measure your team’s success with detailed metrics you can use to make ongoing process improvements and show others in your business the good work happening in the trenches.

How it works

Step 1
Build and standardize your customer onboarding experiences
Step 2
Invite customers to progress through their onboarding with you
Step 3
Review results and optimize your customer journey. Repeat.

Handle it all without breaking a sweat

Kiss giant spreadsheets goodbye – get features carefully crafted just for fast-growing SaaS companies like yours.

White-labeled experience

Show your customers your brand – not ours. They’ll see your portal on a custom-for-you domain, no additional login needed.

Dynamic workflows

A drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to embed surveys, collect data, and post media right in the onboarding journey.

Custom communication

You know your customers best. Choose where and how often they’re automatically notified of updates and due dates.

Detailed reporting

Out-of-the-box reporting keeps you on top of every project. Easily share reports within your business to keep everyone informed.

Real-time feedback

Don’t wait for the retro – it’s simple for your customers to share their thoughts on how things are going.

Evolving playbooks

Clearly understand where and why delays happen so you can keep improving your playbooks for the next client.

Why CS pros love us

"OnRamp has been an integral part of building and scaling a great implementation process for our company and customers. I highly recommend their supportive team to anyone looking to deliver value to customers faster."
Steve Botz
Steve Botz
VP, Sales & Success
"A successful onboarding experience is key to making a great first impression with customers, and OnRamp brings the visibility and trust to help make any CS team world-class. The difference is night and day."
Jon Sousa
Jon Sousa
Director of CS
"We chose OnRamp because it provides an easy, engaging experience for our customers. We're thrilled to not only be able to keep our customers informed and accountable, but excited during one of the most critical times of the user journey."
Nadya Collins
Nadya Collins
VP of Success and Services
"OnRamp adds a purpose-built, powerful customer on-boarding application to the CS team’s toolbox. It helps deliver flawless execution of the customer journey."
Ryan Whitney
Ryan Whitney
Former SVP, Americas Sales
"OnRamp makes it easy for CS teams to standardize and scale onboarding workflows for complex products while enabling bespoke experiences. These deliver customer wins - every time."
Manuel Harnisch
Manuel Harnisch
VP of Customer Success
"We want our customers to feel like they are getting a premium experience - not just with our product but when working with us as well - and OnRamp is key to helping us deliver that experience."
Lauren Joseph
Lauren Joseph
Associate Director, Enterprise CS

Make onboarding easier for everyone (even you)

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