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Customer onboarding made easy

Drive your best customer outcomes with the only platform that cuts out the busywork and lays the foundation for success at scale.
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OnRamp is the customer onboarding platform for high-growth CS teams

Provide white-glove customer experiences at scale

Give customers the feeling of a high-touch experience without hiring a small army. The Customer Portal makes onboarding easy for customers (especially those who aren’t tech savvy!) and even embeds directly into your product.

Get the full picture instantly

With so many balls in the air, it’s impossible to stay on top of it all - and your team feels the burden the most. Sleep better at night knowing nothing is falling through the cracks end-to-end transparency.

Deliver excellence, standard

Highly configurable onboarding templates let you combine and re-combine your standardized best practice playbooks for the whole team to follow. Equip new hires to give the same rockstar experience as your vets.

Ditch spreadsheets and project management tools

Keeping spreadsheets up to date is incredibly time-consuming, and project management tools add more complication than clarity. CS teams need a purpose-built solution that works out of the box, saving tons of time and headaches along the way.

Go deep with reporting & insights

Make sure you always have the most up-to-date analytics at your fingertips. Targeted out-of-the-box reports keep other stakeholders in the loop while advanced insights help you improve your process over time.


Handle it all without breaking a sweat

Kiss giant spreadsheets goodbye – get features carefully crafted just for fast-growing SaaS companies like yours.

Branded Customer Portal

Invite your customers to a beautiful, portal customized just for them for an amazing first experience. Use your custom domain, colors, logo, and even notifications sent from your URL - no login required.

Dynamic Task Logic

Does your onboarding look different depending on different customer requirements? No problem. Dynamic Logic switches the tasks and requests a customer may see.

Smart Reminders

No more teeth pulling - customize proactive reminders and updates on tailor-made schedules in email or Slack. Nudge manually when needed.

Dashboard Reports

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. OnRamp delivers targeted out-of-the-box insights designed to be informational and actionable.

Real-time customer feedback

Don’t wait for a retro to get feedback from you customers. OnRamp builds in quick-feedback checkpoints so you know what’s working and what’s not.

Template Projects

Create standardized playbooks for each customer segment. Self-serve customers can fill out an action plan, while white-glove clients can manage all parallel workflows alongside you.

No-code workflows

Make it easy for customers (and your team) to actually get work done. OnRamp’s no-code workflow builder is the only customer onboarding solution that helps customers advance projects, not just check off tasks.

Flawless handoffs

Embed handoff forms in a new project so you always have the most important customer information at your fingertips -- Sales will thank you for making it so easy, and you’ll be glad you have the information you need.

Bottleneck analysis

See where the most trip-ups are happening throughout your onboarding process to update and experiment with your Playbooks.

Why CS pros love us

"OnRamp has been an integral part of building and scaling a great implementation process for our company and customers. I highly recommend their supportive team to anyone looking to deliver value to customers faster."
Steve Botz
Steve Botz
VP, Sales & Success
"A successful onboarding experience is key to making a great first impression with customers, and OnRamp brings the visibility and trust to help make any CS team world-class. The difference is night and day."
Jon Sousa
Jon Sousa
Director of CS
"We chose OnRamp because it provides an easy, engaging experience for our customers. We're thrilled to not only be able to keep our customers informed and accountable, but excited during one of the most critical times of the user journey."
Nadya Collins
Nadya Collins
VP of Success and Services
"OnRamp adds a purpose-built, powerful customer on-boarding application to the CS team’s toolbox. It helps deliver flawless execution of the customer journey."
Ryan Whitney
Ryan Whitney
Former SVP, Americas Sales
"OnRamp makes it easy for CS teams to standardize and scale onboarding workflows for complex products while enabling bespoke experiences. These deliver customer wins - every time."
Manuel Harnisch
Manuel Harnisch
VP of Customer Success
"We want our customers to feel like they are getting a premium experience - not just with our product but when working with us as well - and OnRamp is key to helping us deliver that experience."
Lauren Joseph
Lauren Joseph
Associate Director, Enterprise CS

Make onboarding easier for everyone (even you)

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