Helping organizations translate their innovations into actual impact by improving customer onboarding.

OnRamp was founded to help organizations reduce churn with better implementations

Paul Holder, founder of OnRamp, led Customer Onboarding and Customer Success teams at VTS and Troops where he helped make onboarding a competitive advantage. Ross Lerner, co-founder of OnRamp, managed finance and ops at VTS and Bombas where he saw the huge potential of a good onboarding program to squash churn and therefore compound company value.

They were both struck by the fact that CS teams understood the importance of great onboardings, but there was no easy way to manage these projects effectively.

In CS, teams were running onboardings by emailing massive spreadsheets, updating statuses manually, and juggling too many processes at once. Why were implementation teams left to fend for their own?

Together, Paul and Ross realized there was an opportunity to help CS teams elevate their onboarding process to a customer-centered experience that’s just as high-end as their software itself.

At OnRamp, our team wakes up every day obsessed with solving this crucial part of your customer’s journey. Onboarding shouldn’t kill the enthusiasm your sales team worked so hard to create. Our platform will empower your team to make onboarding a motivating, engaging process you and your customers will be excited to be a part of.
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Amy Sullivan
"OnRamp gives us the tools to make sure every implementation delivers value quickly and efficiently. Helping track how we’re doing over time means we can continuously get better for both ourselves and our clients."
Amy Sullivan
VP, Client Experience at Ontic

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