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Graduate from juggler to ringmaster

Running onboarding at a fast-growing organization requires keeping many balls in the air at once. We’ve been there. OnRamp keeps you on top of it all with solutions custom-built for CS and implementation pros.
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Why CS teams love OnRamp

Growth made manageable.

Building out a team means things are going well. But it’s where process starts to break. Ditch the duct tape.

Consistent customer experience

Up-to-date playbooks give all customers the rockstar experience, whether they’re working with the vet or newbie.

A Bird’s Eye View

Track progress across all customers the way your team actually sees the world - not how generic project tools tell you to.

Shorter Employee Learning Curve

Get new hires up to speed fast with a clear view of all projects and best practices built-in.

Do more with less

Automated workflows and efficient tasks mean your existing team gets instant bandwidth expansion.
"We want our customers to feel like they are getting a premium experience - not just with our product but when working with us as well - and OnRamp is key to helping us deliver that experience."
Lauren Joseph
Associate Director, Enterprise CS at Jebbit
Lauren Joseph

No more customer ghosting

Sometimes it seems like customers are stars of a magic show: the vanishing act. Keep them from going dark.

Stay top of mind

Automated, custom notification schedules keep you at the top of your customer’s inbox without annoying them.

Make it easy on them

Let’s face it: you’re only a small part of your customer’s day. Break down projects into bite-sized tasks that can get done in minutes.

Let the sunshine in

Transparency across stakeholders maintains alignment and accountability.

Celebrate the wins

Automated workflows and efficient tasks mean your existing team gets instant bandwidth expansion.
Jon Sousa
"A successful onboarding experience is key to making a great first impression with customers, and OnRamp brings the visibility and trust to help make any CS team world-class. The difference is night and day."
Jon Sousa
Director of CS at Loom

Smooth handoffs

Handoffs from sales or to other teams should feel like a value-add, clarifying activity - not teethpulling.

Seamless customer experience

Your customer doesn’t care about your org chart -- to them, you’re just one team. Deliver an uninterrupted journey with the customer launchpad.

Eliminate information black holes

There’s nothing customers hate more than answering the same question three times. Stay organized with  real-time syncing across tools and teams.

No added effort

Deep two-way CRM integration automatically pushes sales context directly into your workspace and returns status updates - no double entry here.

Easy accountability

Crystal-clear dashboards keep everyone on the same page so nothing falls through the cracks.

Make onboarding easier (for everyone)

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