Education Technology

Given the complex (and sometimes late-adopting) nature of education, it’s no wonder that rolling out to educational institutions can be a complex undertaking with many unforeseen challenges. Your tech helps people learn, but it will sit on the shelf if you don’t get great organizational buy-in from all stakeholders. We know from experience just important it is to provide an easy experience to non-tech folks.

Educational organizations are not always the most tech-savvy people, so give them an “Easy Button” of how you’re going to get them up and running fast. OnRamp allows you to break down projects into bite-sized tasks that they can get done in minutes while seeing the project’s big picture. Securely transfer information with our HIPAA-compliant custom workflows. And present it all with a first impression that inspires confidence.

OnRamp is a customer onboarding and project platform built to make it easy for healthcare customers to adopt your tools of tomorrow. Provide a simple, personalized experience that guides them to get through implementation so they can use your solution to start helping more people even faster.

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