OnRamp's Biggest Release Ever is Here!

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Webhooks, Embed Subtasks, Upgraded UI, oh my!

Today, we are excited to share OnRamp's biggest release yet is here✨

From the start, OnRamp was built to reduce friction, increase productivity, and make it simple to collaborate with customers.

Our goal is to provide a single place where businesses can bring together the tools, people, and systems required for customer collaboration - making it fast, automated, easy, and delightful for you and your customers.

Our August updates, upgrades and new additions help take a giant leap towards that goal.

👀 Check out a few sneak peeks into what we just released:

Introducing OnRamp Webhooks!

Webhooks unlock unlimited potential to connect your workflows by automating triggers from actions taken within OnRamp. Connect with Zapier to create Jira tickets from completed subtasks, add fields to your CRM or route messages to your support tool (and so much more).

Unlock automation and increase efficiency! With OnRamp Webhooks, you can now connect all your tools, systems and teams in one place. The sky is the limit, but below are a few examples:

What OnRamp Updates Unlock for Your Team:
  • Automating internal workflows (handoffs, cross-team collaboration, critical data into key systems)
  • Reducing duplicate data entry into multiple tools and reducing workload per team member
  • Facilitating commercial agreements with inline signature
  • Providing one singular workspace to collect customer information connected to your team's tools
  • And so much more!

Upgraded UI + Project Views

We also have a brand new look and internal user interface making it easier to navigate OnRamp and customize your team's experience. Easily access project files and responses.

Save tasks and add them to any playbook or projects with the new Tasks Library.

The Project View has been improved with an Overview tab, a Calendar, a List view, a Responses view, quick access to view the customer portal preview and the ability to populate a project description. Making it simple to view high level details and stay organized with improved project visibility and view options.

Introducing the Tasks Library

Tasks can now be created in the library! Library tasks are now the building blocks template for modules/playbooks/projects, they can be added just like library modules. You will notice a new option on Task Details to "Add to Library" for easy creation of Library Tasks from existing tasks.

Additionally, Roles & Resources can now be easily accessed within the library.

Introducing the New Task Builder

Visualize your workflows and zoom out to easily see branching logic with a clearer view of your subtasks in the new task builder.

Introducing Embed Subtasks!

Within the new Task Builder, you will notice the option to add an Embed element. The OnRamp "Embeddable" subtask is an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to embed - or insert in - nearly anything from the web into your tasks to be completed within OnRamp. Think calendar links, slide decks or even embed your own app!

Introducing Inline Signature!

In addition to embed elements, you can also add an Adobe Echosign element subtask to offer inline signature of documents on the customer portal.

We’ll be sharing more about how to take advantage of everything new in the coming weeks. We appreciate all of your feedback and support. We look forward to seeing how these new features unlock your workflows. We can't wait to continue building and improving OnRamp for you and your customers! 🚀

Paul & Ross

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