What is Customer Onboarding Project Management Software? 

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You already know that customer onboarding is one of the most crucial stages of project management! It helps customers familiarize themselves with your product and get more value from it.

But what role does onboarding project management software play in this process? How can the latest tools improve customer-centric projects and increase product adoption? Learn more below!

What is Onboarding Project Management Software?

There's project management software, and then there's onboarding project management software. The latter refers to tools that help customer success teams onboard new customers. The result? Customers can complete the set-up process quicker and start using your product.

Key features of onboarding project management tools include:

  • Workflow management functions that allow teams to assign and complete onboarding tasks
  • Communication features that let team members exchange information quickly
  • Tracking tools that monitor customers at different onboarding stages
  • Analytics features that reveal insights about customers during the onboarding process

Complicated onboarding workflows drive 74% of potential customers away, according to one study. So, it's a really good idea to invest in project management software that streamlines tasks and addresses specific onboarding projects. The best tools on the market can make onboarding more transparent and successful, resulting in increased product adoption and more satisfied customers. Sounds good, right?

Comparison with Regular Project Management Tools

Traditional project management tools include Asana, Trello, Monday.com, and Airtable. This software can improve project planning, collaboration, and communication and make it easier to assign tasks and create budgets and timesheets. However, most tools on the market don't really cater to complex customer onboarding requirements, such as:

  • Gathering information from new customers
  • Sharing technical documents and set-up guides
  • Introducing customer success team members to customers
  • Monitoring customers during onboarding
  • Communicating with customers

For example, most regular project management tools let users create playbooks that plan onboarding tasks. Nor do they feature reports and dashboards that specifically track onboarding processes.

That's why you should consider adding a dedicated onboarding project management tool like OnRamp to your tech stack!

What About Customer Success Platforms?

Customer success platforms like Gainsight and Catalyst optimize the customer experience post-onboarding. These tools generate insights into customer satisfaction and engagement, helping CS teams measure performance.

The problem with customer success platforms is that they don't offer enough features for the actual onboarding process. For example, they don't normally provide structured workflows that help CS teams introduce your product to customers and train them how to use it. These tools can be useful for managing customer relationships, but they fall short when it comes to onboarding itself!

Features that are exclusive to onboarding project management tools include training document sharing, bottleneck analysis, and onboarding scheduling. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The Role of Onboarding Project Management Software

Onboarding project management tools like OnRamp help customer success teams complete various tasks, such as streamlining the onboarding process. With features like health scoring, teams can keep track of projects and see which tasks need completing on a single screen. Bottleneck analysis allows team members to see problems during onboarding cycles in real time. They can then make quick changes to their playbooks.

This technology also enhances communication and collaboration. Customer success teams can exchange information from within an onboarding project management tool in seconds. Plus, the best software provides tailored solutions for common onboarding challenges like engaging with customers and updating technical documentation.

Benefits of Onboarding Project Management Software

Onboarding project management tools increase the efficiency of onboarding workflows, allowing customers to acquaint themselves with a new product in a quicker timeframe. By simplifying onboarding tasks, this software can enhance customer satisfaction and customer experiences. That can make your company more successful in the long run, especially if customers leave you positive testimonials or reviews on social media.

Real-time tracking and reporting is another benefit of these project management platforms. CS teams can see where customers are in the onboarding journey and make more timely decisions from the latest data.


Onboarding project management platforms optimize customer onboarding with time-tracking tools, communication features, and real-time analytics. Consider investing in this specialized software for more effective project management in customer-centric environments and free up time and resources for your hard-working CS team!

OnRamp is the onboarding project management software that guides customer success teams at every stage. It streamlines and automates projects, resulting in enhanced customer experiences. Get a demo now!

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