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Introducing Custom Fields in OnRamp

Introducing Custom Fields in OnRamp

OnRamp now makes it easy to capture data unique to your organization on your customer projects and tasks using custom fields.

This update adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to how you can use OnRamp to manage onboarding and other customer projects. Track and report on customer sentiment, kick-off date, project type, assigned manager, and nearly any other kind of input.

Any custom fields you add to a project or task will also be included in Excel exports, allowing for more detailed and actionable reporting. You can pivot the data however way you want within your Business Intelligence tools or within Excel itself.

Custom fields can be created by Organization Owners and used by any Organization User. The types of fields currently supported are:

  • Text
  • Dropdown
  • Duration
  • Date
  • User

The fields, once added will appear on projects and tasks.

Adding a custom field is easy:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Visit 'Fields' under 'Advanced' at the bottom of the sidebar
  3. Click 'Create Field'
  4. Follow the instructions provided.
  5. That's it!

This is just the beginning for custom fields in OnRamp. In the near term, you will soon be able to filter the OnRamp dashboard by custom fields and their values (e.g. Show me all projects where Solutions Architect = Tyler Mills). Beyond, custom fields lay the groundwork for hooks into integrations, improved insights and reporting, and powerful automated workflows.

Stay tuned for more content on use cases and how you can get the most out of custom fields in OnRamp. Until then, we’d love to hear how you are using custom fields and any feedback you have!

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