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Introducing New Customer Notifications & Weekly Summary Emails in OnRamp

Introducing New Customer Notifications & Weekly Summary Emails in OnRamp

Keep every stakeholder informed and customer project moving forward with OnRamp.

Improved customer notifications, custom “nudge” reminders, and weekly summary emails are now live in OnRamp. All designed to help improve customer engagement and accelerate time-to-value. Let’s dive into the details!

Nudge Reminders

When a task is falling behind schedule, sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder and personalized assistance for customers (or other stakeholders) to take action. The new nudge feature helps you do exactly that in just a few clicks.

You can now send a custom “nudge” reminder email for any task without having to leave OnRamp. Here is what that message looks like to recipients.

How It Works

1. Hover over a task in any project, you will see a ‘paper plane’ icon

2. Click the icon. The Send Nudge via Email window will popup.

3. Assignees will be automatically added as recipients of the message, but you can add additional recipients

4. Add a message to encourage and enable next steps

5. Click Send Message!

The sender of nudge messages will be CC’d on each email to recipients, and the discussion can continue from there through email.

Nudge reminders make it easier for you to help your customers progress through a project with a more human and contextual touch than automated reminders alone. Note that these messages are in addition to automated notification emails. So, make them stand out with a personal touch!

Weekly Summary Emails

If customer stakeholders have to ask about how onboarding is going with you or wonder about next steps, it isn’t an ideal experience. Now, they no longer have to with the new Weekly Summary Emails.

When enabled, your customers will receive a high-level view of how projects are progressing in their email inbox every week. The email will go out to every customer user associated with a project and can be forwarded to anyone else as well, so both active and inactive stakeholders can stay informed. Here is what it looks like:

Informed stakeholders become invested and engaged stakeholders. This update provides visibility that builds trust and drives action.

Customer Notifications Settings

Along the same theme of helping you better communicate with customers and drive engagement, you now have control over what automated customer notifications are sent and when. Configure the type, frequency, and even the exact send time of automated customer notifications.

On the new Customer Notifications page in you OnRamp Settings you will see three sections: Platform, Weekly Summary, and Reminders.

The Platform section gives you the ability to preview how transactional automated emails that are sent to your customers look. These are the emails such as password resets, user invites, etc.

The Weekly Summary section is where you can disable/enable the new Weekly Summary emails and set the exact time and time zone they are sent.

The Reminders section allows you to disable/enable Upcoming Task and Overdue Task reminders, set their send time, and choose their send schedule and frequency.

You now have complete control – If you want to stick to low touch with your emails, you may want to only send 1 or 2 reminders for upcoming tasks (eg. 3 days before and 1 day before), and for overdue tasks, set a lower frequency and sooner time for the reminders to end. If you want to be more persistent, you can test out more reminders and quicker frequency.

This update as a whole provides more tools for keeping customers informed and engaged as you guide them to value and success with your company. We’re super excited to hear about how you put these features to work and the impact you see!

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