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Guided Success

The OnRamp Customer Portal

Your customers have a lot on their plates, so making it as easy as possible for them to work with you is critical. OnRamp gives them a simple, transparent roadmap that sparks a second-to-none first impression.

  • Share customer stakeholders on a whitelabeled built-for-them experience
  • Embed powerful workflows into tasks and consolidate disparate tools
  • Serve low, medium and high-touch customers with an experience customized to their needs
Faster Value

Reminders Keep it Moving

Onboarding is the make-or-break period, so it’s important things don’t drag. OnRamp has you covered by ensuring your most important contacts stay engaged and motivated on their way to initial value (and beyond).

  • Fun progress meters and delightful touches gamify the experience
  • Customized automated reminders reduce painful teeth-pulling
  • See what’s getting done, or getting in the way
  • Easy-to-send messages help unblock and encourage
Reduced Workload

Out-of-the-box reporting, insights, and scalability

You shouldn’t spend hours a week pulling together comprehensive reports. OnRamp gives you the full picture automatically - from upcoming all the way through to completed projects

  • Playbook templates can be used to quickly spin up new customers
  • One-click update of onboarding timelines (delays happen!)
  • Get real-time feedback from customers on what’s working and what’s not - no formal retro required
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OnRamp gives us the tools to make sure every implementation delivers value quickly and efficiently. Helping track how we’re doing over time means we can continuously get better for both ourselves and our clients.
Nadya Collins
Nadya Collins
VP of Success and Services at Reprise

Who is OnRamp for?

CS Team Leaders

Get a real-time view of everything that’s happening across your customer onboardings. Manage team capacity. Share updates with company leadership.


Breath a sigh of relief that everything you need to do is now located in one place. No more fear of something slipping through the cracks.

Onboarding Specialists

Experience the ease of using a tool built directly for you by people who have been in your shoes and have seen the same (often overlooked) challenges first-hand.

Implementation Managers

Keep the many different stakeholders and workstreams across your team and theirs coordinated, on track, and rowing in the same direction.

Integrate with the tools you already use

The two-way Salesforce integration keeps the rest of your organization in the loop on project progress and pulls in new accounts automatically. No more duplicate entries
Drive customer engagement with automated notifications in shared project channels. Keep your team on the same page with reporting directly where you spend your days.
The two-way HubSpot integration keeps the rest of your organization in the loop on project progress and pulls in new accounts automatically. No more duplicate entries

Make onboarding easier for everyone (even you)

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