Onboarding Specialists

The customer onboarding platform that gives you a bird’s eye view of everything on your plate.
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You’re a specialist deployed to the highest impact area of your organization tasked with making a difference in customer outcomes. You’re working to perfect your craft, but sometimes it can be high-pressure and overwhelming.

There are a lot of balls you need to keep in the air and it's not just one customer - it's intensity across every team that’s in the implementation phase and each of them might have many stakeholders.

OnRamp is a customer onboarding and project platform built for SaaS Onboarding Specialists like you that centralizes everything you need in one place and provides smart status updates to make it easy to know what needs your attention now and what can wait.

Popular Features for Onboarding Specialists

Easy Playbook Combination

New customer wants a little from Menu A and a little from Menu B? Not to worry! Combine playbooks in just a few clicks and make endless copy/pasting a thing of the past.

Internal Tasks & Notes

You shouldn’t have to use multiple tools to manage one customer. Keep all notes and tasks in OnRamp - while hiding what your customer doesn’t need to see.

Smart Reminders

No more teeth pulling - customize proactive reminders and updates on tailor-made schedules in email or Slack. Nudge manually when needed.

Contextual Support Requests

Customers working a project can easily reach out to your CS team if they have a question or comment. Route to your support team where needed.

Slack Integration

Reach your customers where they live: send automated reminders and notifications directly to shared channels with them.

Make onboarding easier for customers and teams

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