How it works

Add in your current onboarding plan, or start with our templates

Easily create projects that can be standardized into Playbooks for different customer segments. Combine different pieces together for a particular customer, or start from scratch. OnRamp is flexible enough to do it all! Low touch customers can be handed an action plan to complete, while white-glove clients can manage all parallel workflows alongside you.

Invite customers to progress through their onboarding

Add in your current onboarding plan, or start with one of our templates. Or keep them in the loop via shared Slack channels. However you want your customers to participate in their onboarding with you, OnRamp has you covered.

Review results and optimize your customer journey. Repeat.

You shouldn’t spend hours a week pulling together comprehensive reports and feedback. OnRamp gives you the full picture automatically - from incoming all the way through to completed projects - so you can measure and improve.
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We chose OnRamp because it provides an easy, engaging experience for our customers. We're thrilled to not only be able to keep our customers informed and accountable, but excited during one of the most critical times of the user journey.
Nadya Collins
Nadya Collins
VP of Success and Services at Reprise

Who is OnRamp for?

CS Team Leaders

Get a real-time view of everything that’s happening across your customer onboardings. Manage team capacity. Share updates with company leadership.


Breath a sigh of relief that everything you need to do is now located in one place. No more fear of something slipping through the cracks.

Onboarding Specialists

Experience the ease of using a tool built directly for you by people who have been in your shoes and have seen the same (often overlooked) challenges first-hand.

CS Ops

Keep the many different workstreams and systems across your team in sync, on track, and accessible in the same direction.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Brent Beeman
"OnRamp has changed the way we onboard new clients. Its easy-to-use interface acts as a great timeline and meeting agenda, as well as an automatic reminder system that gives us so much more bandwidth during the day."
Brent Beeman
Onboarding Specialist at Negotiatus
Rob Snyder
"With OnRamp, we’ve gotten our customer onboarding time down from 4-6 weeks to 1 week, accelerating time-to-value and boosting NPS."
Rob Snyder
Co-Founder at SYRG
Steve Botz
"OnRamp has been an integral part of building and scaling a great implementation process for our company and customers. I highly recommend their supportive team to anyone looking to deliver value to customers faster."
Steve Botz
VP, Sales & Success at Jones Software
Jones Software

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