Order ( had a bit of a "black box" problem when it came to what was happening during new customer onboarding. Customers would come in from Sales, then often be lost in the shuffle of an influx of customers and ownership -by-committee syndrome. Grant Beeman, onboarding team leader, would lament how many times customer calls would end with no clear next steps and would would simply drop off as a result.

There were numerous complaints from both Account Management and Sales, as customers would only get set up 50% complete. Grant wanted to improve how his team was working with customers and how they were communicating back to their teammates internally.

“We'd be handing off customers to our Account Managers that were really only half set up. We knew that wasn't sustainable and we needed to do better.”


Order tapped OnRamp to tackle these challenges. OnRamp has proven powerful, yet easy to pick up and use every single day. The shared customer portal has been particularly effective, creating a custom, out-of-the-box experience Order's customers are using to complete tasks and stay in the loop. It looks great and simplifies what previously had appeared daunting and complex, with immediate next steps highlighted. The whole Order CS team has come across as more professional and buttoned up as a result.

With OnRamp's automated notifications, customers stay engaged through email or shared Slack channels. This creates consistent touchpoints, which nudges and moves things along so they never get "stuck" again.

“It's great...clients are completing tasks on their own, ahead of schedule."

OnRamp also gives the team one set of shared-language dashboards so they always know who owns what and where everyone stands.

The team at Order has also been excited about the regular, continuous enhancements coming out from the OnRamp Platform. "They're proactively solving issues we didn't realize we had and we're really excited to see what they come up with next".


Using OnRamp, projects are much easier to track and manage. Playbooks are being used as a training tool for new specialists, and incentivizing them to get up and running with customers quickly. As a result of getting more feedback on what is working and isn't working, OnRamp has significantly reduced the iteration cycle time to experiment with new onboarding workflows and helped them optimize amidst their own consistent platform, team, and process changes.

Client engagement is drastically up - no more "ghosting" from them or their customer. This means projects are getting done on time, and customers (and their internal team!) are far happier as a result. "Clients are leaving onboarding much more successfully than before, and OnRamp has help us accountable to a higher standard".