Introducing task dependencies, in-app widget styling, new Salesforce syncs, and more

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December brings one of OnRamp’s largest updates to date.

The following updates will go live over the coming weeks in December. Help desk articles and further details on everything released will be added here.

✨ New Features

– Module Library. Easily reuse tasks and task groups ("modules") using the new Module Library. Reduce manual effort and standardize processes by reusing the most important building blocks of your projects.

– Task Dependencies. Users will be able to set tasks as dependent on other tasks before they can be started. Guide customers through your projects as you see fit.

What’s important:

  • Includes a brand new unified Task pane
  • Tasks that are dependent on other tasks can be locked on the Customer Portal

– More Salesforce Syncs. The Salesforce integration is being significantly expanded. Keep OnRamp and Salesforce fully in sync with complete context.

  • Sync project notes
  • Sync to any object, not just Account and Opportunity

– Activity Log. View project history and activity to see what actions have been taken and by who.

– In-App Widget Improvements. You will be able to customize your widget styles and updates will automatically propagate without any effort by your dev team! They will also be able to pin/unpin the widget to move it out of view temporarily.

⚡️ Additional workflow improvements

– Vertical main navigation. More screen real estate for getting things done!

– Improved performance. Critical workflows, especially project loading, is significantly faster.

– New side pane for Project & Task Settings to further speed up your workflow.

– Simplified project creation. Create a new project in 1 click and update details after easier.

– Customers can re-assign tasks. Allow customers to choose the best team member for the job.

…. and more to be announced! Now is a great time to take a fresh look at how OnRamp can help improve your onboarding experience and efficiency.

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